Computers, Laptops, i-Pads

laptop and i-pad

Laptops, i-Pads and tablets emit far more radiation when charging.

black box

A strong field is also emitted from the black transformer box.

Try and use them operating on battery power.

child with i-Pad
aeroplane mode

Tablets such as the i-Pad have an “Aeroplane Mode” just like mobile phones do. 

Aeroplane mode shuts off all wireless activity, reducing the radiation emitted to a bare minimum and should be used whenever an internet conection is not required, especially when young children are using the tablet to play games.

children all on laptops

Most also have an computer mouseintergrated mouse board or touch screen, so proximity to these devices is much greater.

An external mouse  is a good idea to increase the distance of your laptop from your body.

earthing mat

A good quality Earthing/Grounding Mat  can be a good idea if you use a computer for long periods. These mats have a conductive surface and are connected to earth via an earthing plug directly to a mains socket.  Skin contact with the mat ensures any body voltage/static charge is sent safely to ground.

You can see how effective earthing can be in this interesting experiment at 5 mins 30 seconds in…

Some crystals and minerals are known to offer protection from electric fields and can be a good idea to have around your computer.   Shungite in my opinion is probably the most effective.  Shungite is a rare type of diamagnetic mineraloid, able to attenuate electric fields, a black carbon looking stone which can be crafted and polished into pyramids and spheres to increase its resonance. Shungite also utilises potent antioxidants called fullerenes.

black tourmaline

Other effective crystals are Black Tourmaline

which is best used in its raw state rather than tumbled as it has a + / – ends.

malachite tumblestones

Malachite is also effective and has also been found to contain the fullerene antioxidant.