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Faraday Cages For Smart Meters

Our Faraday Cages

Smart meters emit bursts of microwave radiation around your home up to 190,000 times per day.

The best way to make a smart meter safe is to cover it with a faraday cage. This is a wire mesh cage with specific mesh size with an earthing lead attached with crocodile clip to attach to the nearest earth junction point.

Our faraday cages are designed to fit snugly over your smart meter and have been tried and tested to reduce both RF (microwave radio frequency) and the electrical field by around 95%.

We have faraday cages available for the most commonly installed smart meters, if your model of smart meter is not included, don’t worry, just send us an e-mail at lovetechnologies@hotmail.com with the measurements, length, width and height and a good quality picture of the meter showing where the wires enter and we will manufacture one for you.

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