free wi-fi sign

Wi-fi is literally everywhere we go unless we are far out in the countryside.  It’s in most of our homes, workplaces and more alarmingly even in infant schools and maternity wards.

Currently, most wireless networks work on 2.4 Gigahertz, the same frequency as a microwave oven.

Hertz is measured in cycles per second, so that’s a lot of information travelling along this frequency. (2400000000Hz)

This frequency is extremely penetrating, passing through walls and peoples bodies.

healthy/unhealthy cells

As the frequency passes through the body it seems that it causes the blood cells to lose their ability to repel each other and they can start to cling together causing low oxygen transportation, inflammation and an acidic environment, the start of disease.

At home you have more options of protecting yourself.

The best way is to simply stop using a wireless internet by simply hard wiring your internet connection using an RJ45 Ethernet Cable.

rj45 ethernet cable

This is what they should adopt in schools.

Most people I visit sit using a computer within a few metres of their wi-fi router  so would be a no brainer to hardwire it and switch off the wireless signal.

24hr plug in timer

A very important point to make about wi-fi is how important it is that it is switched off at night. 

At night, when in a state of deep sleep, your body is meant to secrete a substance called Melatonin from the pineal gland in the brain.  Melatonin is your own potent antioxidant which floods the body every night healing oxidative stress and clearing up free radicals, both of which are what causes aging. If your wi-fi is left on at night it can interrupt this process, therefore delaying healing processes and accelerating aging.

You can cut your exposure to wireless radiation in your home by up to 90% and ensure it’s switched off each night for under £4 by using a 24hr plug in timer.  Simply plug your internet router into the timer and set to switch off each night whatever time you usually go to sleep and back on when you usually require it next, for most this is evening time therfore cutting out a huge percentage of time where it would normally be on, emitting dangerous microwave radiation around the home.

Another option is to cover the router with one of our Wi-Fi Router Faraday Cages, we custom make these to fit your particular model of router, they are very effective, cutting the RF Microwave radiation by over 90% and the service functions as normal, an excellent product !! 

mini orgonite pyramid

Lastly, a well made Orgonite pyramid placed next to the router is another method more and more people are adopting.

orgonite diagram

Orgonite is a material made from a 50/50 mix of polyester resin (organic) and metal particles (inorganic) with a piezeolectric (gives off energy when squeezed or under pressure) crystal such as quartz embedded in the matrix. 

As the resin sets it maintains a  constant squeeze on the crystal making the Orgonite work, constantly pulling in negative etheric energy and transmuting it to a positive energy.