Home EMF Radiation Assessments


The levels of electro-magnetic radiation in most people’s homes is excessive, especially with so many now having wi-fi, dec phones, smart meters and an ever increasing amount of electrical devices.

  EMF Radiation is an invisible threat to your health, can go unnoticed for years and can cause mild health problems such as; fatigue, stress, irritability, insomnia,

tri field meter

headaches and more. Constant stress from EMF can also lead to more serious problems such as; cancers, leukemia and heart problems.     We offer full home EMF radiation assessments, where an emf specialist will take measurements of electric fields, magnetic fields and RF (radio   frequencies) around your home, in order to determine the danger areas. We will then show you how to drastically reduce your exposure to these fields, to create a safer environment for you and your family.   TO GET A QUOTATION OR TO BOOK AN ASSESSMENT, E-MAIL US AT lovetechnologies@hotmail.com OR CALL US ON 07833 476595     Here are a few reviews from previous customers…..

hf35c high frequency analyser

“We were so glad we booked this assessment, Ian has so much knowledge and has so many tricks and ways to reduce exposure.  It was shocking to see the measurements on the meter,  especially the light bulbs next to our bed which Ian changed for the old type and the wi-fi which Ian hard wired for us. We also rearranged the living room as we were sitting  behind the fridge on the other side of the wall.  Will definitely recommend to others.  So important!!  Keep up the good work”.  

J. Davies.  Cardiff.    

“Thank you Ian for visit last week, my husband and I are very grateful as we are sleeping much better now, thrown the dec phone away, no wi-fi and the kids are calmer too after their i-Pad lecture!     

Lizzy. Bedwas.  

“Hi Ian, I would just like to say thank you for coming out to see us, great to see this service available and very interesting to see measurable differences  before and after with the instruments you have. I have asked a friend to contact you as he has a smart meter too, same as ours, so he should be in touch today or tommorow.  We will be ordering another earthing mat too.  Regards. “Simon. Penarth.   “Fantastic!  I was really impressed, Ian really knows his stuff and is very thorough, checking every inch,  even the floors and walls which is lucky as we found out the exact spot I sit and meditate I was sat in a huge magnetic field which we found out was coming from an air conditioning unit on the ceiling of an office below my flat, no wonder I was finding it hard to meditate!  Eternally grateful! xx