Wi-Fi Router Faraday Cages

These faraday cages are custom made to fit your specific make and model of Wi-Fi router.

Before cage fitted
After cage fitted

  • Made from high quality stainless steel mesh of specific mesh size,enables good airflow, do not try other products made from shielding fabric as they make the router overheat…. we have tried!
  • They have been tested to reduce the RF wireless microwave radiation by over 90%. (see pics for results)
  • In our test we had a laptop streaming a you tube video wirelessly from the router, after fitting the cage there was no difference in streaming quality or wi-fi reception from the laptop, this confirms that the signal strength emitted from a  Wi-Fi router is very much over the levels required to operate efficiently.

  Modern Wi-Fi routers now operate on dual band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) and have multiple internal antennas!    

Ensure you are safe from Microwave radiation by fitting one of our cages!!  

If you can’t see your model in the listing send us a message letting us know what make and model you have and we will make one to suit.