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Contactless Card RFID Secure Sleeves (pack of 3)


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These Contactless Card RFID Secure Sleeves are made from a metalized mylar material which shields against RF (radio frequency) and prevents your contactless payment cards from being scanned without your permission.

We have tested the sleeves with 3 different types of popular wireless card payment machines, worldpay, sum-up and i-zettle.

With these sleeves you can be confident that your cards are safe from identity theft and thieves looking to take payments from your cards remotely.


As well as the obvious crowded areas and queing. Stories have been heard of thieves sticky taping these wireless card readers underneath bar stools so that payments are made through the wallets of those who sit on the stools.
  • Tried and tested product.
  • Great for gifts for friends and family.
  • Peace of mind against fraudulent payments and possible identity theft.