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Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses


Genuine Comsafe Designer Computer Glasses (matt black)

  • Blue light and UV filter
  • Anti-Glare
  • Ideal for long periods on a computer/tablet/smart phone and for watching TV.
  • Attractive design
  • Plastic frame will not act as an antenna to electric fields like metal frame glasses.
  • Comes with protective drawstring bag.






Most of us now spend quite a bit of time each day in front of a computer, tablet or smartphone  These devices have made our lives easier but did you know that exposure to the type of light emitted from these devices, as well as other forms of artificial light, increases your risk of developing computer vision syndrome, cataracts, glaucoma, retinal damage  and more worrying macular degeneration?

Electronic devices such as TV’s, computers, tablets, mobile phones and artificial lights such as CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) emit a type of ultra-violet light (UV) called Blue Light.

Damage to the retina from blue light is the biggest hazard our eyes face and since the degree of damage is based solely on wavelength, power level and exposure time, solutions to combat blue light damage have become extremely important.


If you work under CFL lighting, such as in an office, if you use CFL bulbs in your home, or if you work using a computer, you are at high risk of blue light exposure.  Almost everyone meets this criteria.

With the increased use of CFLs in the home and the increased use of iPads, Smartphones and computers, exposure to Blue Light has risen significantly in recent years.  Adult eyes are at an increased risk simply from the aging process.  Aging lessens the amount of melanin in the eyes.  Melanin is the natural substance that determines hair and skin color, but it is also responsible for the protection of skin and eyes from the damaging rays of light and sun.  But as we age, our natural melanin production lessens, leaving us more susceptible to the effects of all UV light, including blue light.