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Most of us seem to be around electric fields constantly, whether at work, school or college, at home and even whilst we sleep.

One thing that has always made me curious is how one person can be electrically sensitive and another not so.

After conducting my own studies and questioning many electrosensitive’s over the years I decided to start my own investigations. I have found no real correlation with blood types but when questioned on diet have found a huge correlation of those suffering being veggie/vegan in their diet choices or eating very little meat.  Seems to me that there is almost an agenda towards a plant based diet, I was a vegan myself for 3 years and now consider it to be far from a healthy diet. All plant foods contain anti-nutrients that bind to nutrients and minerals and make them unavailable.  Cholesterol, red meat and animal fats are demonised by media but in reality are essential for optimum health and seem to be neuroprotective to the brain. I recommend, although controversial to some, that a diet leaning more towards carnivore, just like our ancestors, to be the best for health, vitality and longevity.

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There are a few things that you can do for personal safety.

One thing you can do to for personal protection in a world of wireless technologies is to increase your intake of antioxidants, this will take care of the oxidative stress and scavenge free radicals from the body.

If you study the “orac scale” you will find out which foodstuffs, (mostly spices) that contain the highest levels of antioxidants.

Here is a website with an accurate list of foodstuffs containing very high levels of antioxidants ….

Orgonite and Shungite pendants and bracelets are a good idea.

orgonite pendants

An orgonite pendant protects the thymus gland area of the body and also the heart area.

Certain crystals worn around the body can also help.

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Through reading books by Edgar Cayce and also by studying the work of James Tyberonn on auric maintanence, I came across the “Metatronic Shield”.

This involves wearing certain gemstones in specific area’s on the body. A pendant and two rings are required.


On the left hand, a single refractive gemstone in a gold/silver ring must be worn, this must be of at least 2 cts and be transluscent. The ring must be open backed to allow light to go through the crystal and penetrate the skin.  Single refractive gemstones include Diamond, Garnet and Spinel.


On the right hand, a double refractive gemstone in a gold/silver ring must be worn, this must be of at least 4cts, must be transluscent and the ring open backed.  Most gemstones are double refractive, recommended are Emerald, Saphire, Ruby, Topaz. Includes quartz varieties such as Amethyst, Citrine etc.


Around the neck, a conglomerate pendant must be worn on a silver or gold chain.  Recommended are Lapis Lazuli , Malachite or Azurite.

When complete, wearing this combination of gemstones will enhance your auric field, expanding it to it’s fullest, giving your own unique sort of force field around you helping to deflect external detrimental fields.

NOTE:   Although obtaining the above combination of gemstones sounds expensive and hard work, it can be achieved with reasonable cost if you look in the right places.

If you would like us to source the items for you,  send us an e-mail with your ring sizes and gemstone preferences and we will send you some options to choose from.