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2 DAY HIRE-HF35C Radio Frequency Meter.


Price includes £50 deposit refundable on safe return of the meter and postage both ways.

The Gigahertz Solutions HF35C RF-Analyzer  is the gold standard in measuring wireless radio frequency emissions from smart meters, cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, dect phones, mobile phone masts and more.   Easy to use, this meter is fantastic for measuring exposure and seeing the effects of remediation (such as RF shielding).



Product information “HF-Analyser HF35C”
Has the same features and configuration as the HF32D, however additionally offers
  • Audio analyses for the identification of pulsed radiation sources (mobile radio (GSM, UMTS/G3), cordless telephones (DECT), WLAN (Bluetooth), air-traffic control radar) by means of an acoustic signal proportional to the modulation frequency.
  • Display of peak value as well as average value (switchable).
  • Sensitivity increased by a factor of 10 (from a minimum display resolution of 0.1µW/m² to a maximum of 1999 µW/m²).