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R2L-Radiation to light microprocessor


The R2L works by using its unique antenna near the broadcasting and receiving antenna in the cell phone. The R2L converts the excess radiation through the antenna of the R2L and converts it through the circuitry into direct current electricity. The R2L then drives that electricity into the L.E.D. to light it up and disperse the power safely.

Mobile devices produce electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from between 800 megahertz to 2.1 gigahertz. This higher range is called microwave. Microwave energy is where organic matter ionises or changes. That’s why we can cook food with it. The R2L is the only device that operates at all levels up to 2.1 gigahertz.

The R2L is the smart choice for reducing exposure to mobile phone radiation because it’s the only product proven to reduce your exposure to mobile phone radiation by up to 70%. Today we use our mobile phones and smart phones a lot more often than when the safety standards were written 30 years ago. We’re exposing ourselves to far more radiation than anyone could ever have imagined.

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