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Tensor Ring Trio Pendant



Tensor Trio Pendant 144 MHz Sacred/Royal, 177 MHz Lost and 188 MHz New/Empowerment Cubit


  • They all protect against harmful EMFs to decrease premature aging of cells.
  • Smaller sizes can be worn as pendants, on the pocket, inside the purse, on pet´s collars, and can be used for protection & healing, etc.
  • 1/8 cubit and ¼ cubit rings in 144 MHz Sacred/Royal, 177 MHz Lost and 188 MHz Empowerment/New Cubit are the perfect pendant trio rings to wear.
  • Medium sizes can be worn on the wrists, placed under the car seats, under the pillow, used to energize water/drinks, food, placed inside the fridge, energize water when placed over water hoses or irrigation systems and block negative EMFs emitting from smart meters; Remove pain and/or support healing for your cat, dog, they can even Increase fuel economy if placed on top of where the tank is in your car.
  • Bigger sizes are best to put under the bed, under the mattress, outside in the garden, under the therapy table; Benefits include reducing fatigue and stiffness on long road trips; They draw in positive life force energy; remove blockages, dissolve Energetic Implants, open and clear chakras (especially the high heart chakra).  “Align” antennas.  Assist to release Programs, Beliefs and Emotions that no longer serve us; Work perfectly for aura showers and clearing, and for grounding.
  • Increase mental clarity and work within the spiritual realm.

144 MHz cubit – aka Sacred or Royal cubit.

This frequency works on all Physical aspects on Earth.

  • It helps to materialize ideas, so can be used with Meditation, Manifestation, Visualisation & Cosmic Ordering.
  • Attracts abundance.
  • It has a vertical energy field. This depends on how the ring is positioned; it it’s on the floor on the top of the head the energy released is vertical; no matter how is positioned the energy flows from the center of the ring in a straight line.
  • Divine Feminine energy.
  • Helps Grounding.
  • Represents Elements Water and Earth.
  • 1/8 cubit rings and infinite hearts are perfect for children and pets. Place on pet’s collar or as a bracelet, key ring or pendant for child.
  • Works the 4th Chakra and connecting beings to Mother Earth. Place directly on Chakra whilst meditating.
  • Best to eliminate maleficent energy grids on ground – Hartmann & Curry Grids. Put 4 spheres (1/8 or 1/4 cubit) in the 4 corners of your bedroom – 2 of the 144mhz and 2 of the 177mhz – and 1 in 188mhz at the center of the room, floor or in the ceiling; this will cancel the geopathic stress lines (Hartmnn and Curry Grid, ley lines, water lines, etc); if you wish you can put inside the 4 corners spheres a piece of Black Tourmaline or Shunguite Crystals and in the center sphere always a white crystals like Selenite;
  • 1st frequency that everybody should wear.
  • Can be worn by itself or together with the 177 MHz (Lost Cubit) and also with the 188 MHz (Empowerment Cubit Also Called New Cubit) on a pendant.

177 MHz cubit – aka Lost Cubit.

This frequency works on the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Etheric aspects. The Lost Cubit is a more complete frequency than the (Sacred/Royal Cubit) 144 MHz, and is stronger and more powerful.

  • Calming, soothing, good to sleep with under the pillow.
  • Great for meditation; Lay down and place on forehead. This will also Balance brain hemispheres.
  • Plants grow happier with this frequency; Place one in your plant pot.
  • Element Earth and (A) Ether.
  • Perfect for troubled environments, for schools. Place in child’s satchel or under/inside pillow and each corner of each room.
  • It has a horizontal energy.
  • Balanced Feminine and Masculine Divine energies.
  • Works the 4th and 6th Chakras; Place directly on them during meditation.

Can be worn by itself, together with the 144 MHz (Sacred/Royal Cubit) and also with the 188 MHz (Empowerment/New Cubit).

188 MHz cubit – aka The New or the Empowerment Cubit. 

  • This Frequency works with the Spiritual.
  • Synergies well with the 144 MHz (Sacred/Royal Cubit) and 177 MHz Lost Cubit; Can be worn together as a pendant.
  • Essential in healing therapies.
  • Connects with the “Invisible” Spiritual Guides, Protectors, Cosmic Healers, Angels, & Earth Elementals.
  • Divine Feminine Energy.
  • Earth Element is Fire.
  • Perfect for people that use their voice a lot, like singers, teachers, public speakers, etc.; Place directly on Throat chakra during meditation or as pendant.
  • Works the 5th and 6th Chakras; place directly on them during meditation.
  • Must not be worn by itself; needs to be together or with one of the 2 others frequencies, Sacred/Royal, Lost Cubit or with both at the same time.